Thursday, 21 March 2013

Five Featured Artists

Every Friday, the Guild celebrates the work of five outstanding 'Featured Artists,' each of whom is carefully selected on the basis of creativity, originality and outstanding workmanship.  Our 'Five Featured Artists' are given a pat on the back by their Guild colleagues for setting a very high creative standard ... a standard which, as you can see from last week's offerings below, is utterly inspirational!

'Osha' created by Zhanna Rassi from the Lebanon

'Bears in Bustles' created by Brenda Pollock-Smith from the US

'Spring Cheer' created by Sue Jennings from the UK

'Racoon & Badger' created by Elena Karmatskaya from Russia

'Tulip' created by Oxana Lyashenko from Canada

'Simona' created by Olga Startseva/Anna Goncharova from France

For anyone who thinks teddy bears are just cuddly toys for children, I hope this blog will begin to explain the teddy bear can also be a highly artistic and inspirational expression of creativity for adults too!


  1. what wonderful Talent we have at the Guild.

  2. We sure do! The members' creations never cease to amaze me, they are so diverse and original. It's a real pleasure to work for the Guild!


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