Friday, 22 March 2013

Those were the days my friend ..

Imagine yourself immersed in teddy bears of every colour, size, shape and style and you will begin to grasp the joy my role as Guild Administrator brings me.  New creations arrive on the Guild daily and as they arrive, I sort them into themed presentation albums to help inspire our members.  From these categorized albums, I have the task of creating one special showcase presentation to run on the Guild website home page for visitors to enjoy each week.  The slideshow theme changes every Friday, as part of 'Guild Update Day' and it is so much fun to put together!

'Shimmytime Spencer' created by US member Brenda Pollock-Smith

Today's special slideshow entitled 'Those were the days my friend', showcases members' vintage style creations ...

Created by Jamie Taylor from the US

These beautiful 'old souls' are artfully distressed to lend them a careworn, nostalgic air.

Created by Nicky Fraser from the UK

Creating authentic looking venerable bears is a highly skilled art form.  Besides designing suitable vintage type patterns and mastering appropriate stuffing and jointing techniques, it is also necessary to select appropriate materials to work with the processes involved in successfully ageing a teddy bear.  These bears may look frail and elderly, but the trick is to ensure they remain every bit as strong as their modern looking counterparts.

'Nate' created by Vicky Allum from the UK

I hope you have enjoyed this brief glimpse at the work of some of our talented vintage style Guild Bearcrafters.  

If you would like to see more of their amazing creations, please visit the Guild website before next Friday, to enjoy the slideshow in full.

Thank you!


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