Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Welcome to the Guild of Master Bearcrafters' blog!

When I first created 'The Guild of Master Bearcrafters' back in 2009, I had no idea whether it would become a thriving venture, or whether it was more likely to idly gather dust in a virtual corner of the World Wide Web.

My original idea was to create an exclusive online venue for serious minded teddy bear artists to meet, somewhere they could gather to chat privately about their craft and where it was heading ... so little could I predict that four years later Guild membership would have grown to almost seven hundred dedicated international bear artists!

The Guild now offers bearcrafters an opportunity to showcase their latest works, encouraging professionalism both in terms of workmanship and business acumen.  Whilst not elitist, there is an important entry criteria for membership as all Guild members are required to prove their commitment to teddy bear artistry by having designed and sold their own range of teddy bears for at least one year and must also show artistic flair in their work.

As you can see from the slideshow of Guild members' creations below, the quality of collectible bear art currently being created for collectors around the world is outstanding!

For me, Friday has become 'Guild Update Day'.  Each Friday morning, I put the kettle on, pour a mug of coffee and set aside a few hours to showcase members' work for Guild visitors and what a pleasure is is for me to share these amazing works of creativity!  Our Guild members live and work all around the globe, from countries as far afield as Australia, America, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Israel, Lithuania, South Africa, Singapore, Germany, the UK, Italy, France and beyond ... it really is wonderful to see such amazing teddy bears being created in so many far flung countries!

I am looking forward to introducing you to our members' talents from time to time on this shiny new Guild blog, so please add us to your blog list and pop back regularly to keep in touch with our wonderful world of teddy bear delights!


  1. Welcome guild to the world of Blogging.

    1. Thank you! We are very happy to be here :)

  2. I am happy to see a Guild blog! Perhaps this and the Facebook page will allow those outside the Guild to put some names to their creations. I love seeing the wonderful artistry on the Guild. Such talented people!

  3. Paula, you never cease to amaze! This is a wondeful idea as was the Guild itself and its Facebook page. Thank you, thank you for your hard work!

  4. Wonderful idea! Thank you, Paula! xxxx

  5. Thanks for the extra effort its a fine blog.

  6. Wonderful and thank you for creating this blog too Paula. Your rock!

    Warmenst hugs on behalf of Milly Me Teddy Bears, Thea x

  7. So pleased you think the Guild blog is a good idea ... I look forward to sharing the talents of our Guild members in this way!


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