Friday, 19 April 2013

Boys, boys, boys!

Boys, boys, boys!  

'Boy bears doing boy bear stuff' is such a fun theme for Bearcrafters.  Gardening, driving, trekking, pirating ... you name it and you'll  see those boy bears get up to it!

'Anthony' by Rasa Kaper from Lithuania

'George the gardener' by Lesley Stipanov from Australia

'Shaunessy & Sparky' by Nancy Dontigney from the USA

'Eagle Rider & Lady Rose' by Lynette Littlejohn from the UK

'Davey & Crockett' by Ron & Kristy Northman from the USA

'Nat Silver' by Katherine Hallam from the UK

For even more teddy boy fun, please pop over to before Friday 26th April 2013, to enjoy our 'Boys, boys, boys' slideshow presentation!


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