Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Five Featured Artists

Congratulations to last week's 'Five Featured Artists', who were selected for their outstanding contributions to teddy bear design.

'Nate' by Vicky Allum from the United Kingdom

Cleverly distressed to lend authentic looking careworn qualities, 'Nate' is a soulful vintage style bear, with timeless appeal.

'Battina Butterfly' by Mireille Begijn from The Netherlands

Artistic expression, whimsy, humour, bold colour ... an exciting teddy design!

'Aprille' by Linda Bean from Australia

Such an endearing, pretty rabbit design!  Her lovely feminine face has been achieved by Linda's masterful use of needle felting.

'Arion' by Karen Lyons from the USA

  Intricate pattern design and artistic shading combine to create this wonderfully realistic impression of a young snow leopard.

'Jonty Jolly' by Jo Nevill from the United Kingdom

Carefully shaded to create subtle contrast with an unusual rust red colour, this fun centre-seam teddy has wide-eyed appeal!

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