Friday, 5 April 2013


The panda bear has been closely linked with our much loved teddy bear since the 1930's when he was first designed as a souvenir, in celebration of the arrival of a giant panda at Brookfield Zoo in the United States of America.  Since then he has remained an integral member of the teddy bear design repertoire and a very appealing one too.

'Atwood' created by Vicky Allum from the UK

Guild members have a notable fondness for panda design and create many delightful examples each year.

'Autumn' by Nichole Encinas from the US

Our members are never afraid to tackle a variety of challenging genres in their panda design, from heart-breaking vintage, all the way through to contemporary needle-felted character pandas. 

'Abeku' created by Katrina Ndrejica from Australia

Not only do members create traditional seated panda bears, some members also enjoy pushing design boundaries further by injecting fun new panda poses such as this hand-standing panda!

'Celeste' by Margaret Burke from Australia

And members also relish challenging the conventional black and white panda theme .. they prove time and time again, panda bears can be frivolous, fanciful and really rather fabulous in every imaginable colour combination!

'Lesley Soup' by Claire Ryan from the UK

There are many pandas created on The Guild of Master Bearcrafters, some traditional, some contemporary, some black and white, others boasting a wide range of creative colourings; many are designed in the buff as indeed befits a traditional panda bear, but now and again members enjoy showing that even a panda bear can dress to impress!

'Bao Ai Ma' by Melisa Nichols from Canada

Realism in design isn't forgotten either, we have talented members who deftly capture the natural essence of the panda bear in their work.

'Panda Boo' created by Rasa Kaper from Lithuania

As with everything else in life, fashions in teddy bear design may come and go and collectors will of course, have their own preferences, but the panda bear it seems, will always remain a firm favourite with designers and collectors alike because he is so very versatile!

'Pixie' by Susan Mitchell from Australia

If you would like to see more wonderful panda designs, please visit the Guild website before Friday 12th April 2013 to enjoy our 'Pandamonium' slideshow:

Finally, to prove there will always be new creative avenues for Master Bearcrafters to conquer, here is 'Peregrine' ...

'Peregrine' by Gregory Gyllenship from the United Kingdom

... an outstanding panda bear and a first for internationally respected Guild member Gregory Gyllenship, who after 'making a few panda like teds' during his two decades in the teddy bear world, has this week produced the real deal for the first time ever ... a stunning representation à la Gregory and I think you'll agree, well worth the wait!


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