Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Dolls Too!

Did you know that besides designing and making amazing teddy bears, many Guild Bearcrafters have other creative talents? 

Our 'Dolls Too' group is actively supported whenever members can schedule time for a spot of doll-crafting between bears and as you can see, our doll-makers are every bit as diverse in style and technique as our Guild Bearcrafters!

'Suzie', a primitive cloth 'Raggedy Annie' style doll by Carol Parsons from the USA

'Rotkappchen', a sculpted doll by Tami Eveslage from the USA

'Rosie Red', a cloth doll by Paula Carter from the United Kingdom

'Silke', a hand painted clay faced doll with mohair body, by Anna Tide from Germany

'Mystic Dragon' handpainted on cloth, by Ina Smirnova from Lithuania

'Pippin the Troll', a polymer clay doll by Nina Bolen from the USA

'Clown', a cloth doll created by Elena Zomchak from Spain

'Lily', a contemporary cloth doll created by Gill Cattroll from the United Kingdom

We hope you have enjoyed this glimpse of our 'Dolls Too'
group's hidden talents.  Supporting traditional craft skills and leading the creative way, is at the heart of the Guild of Master Bearcrafters, so we  are delighted to be able to set aside a corner of our Guild to help our members express their creativity in doll form.

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