Thursday, 9 May 2013

Five Featured Artists

Five more fabulous featured Guild artists' creations for you!

Anna Tide from Germany

'Bernadette' is a contemporary girl bear with needle felted muzzle. Anna always selects colour to great effect and this pretty bear, dressed in her gorgeous lemon and pink dress with hand knitted jumper, definitely has the WOW factor. Lovely long lashes and dainty eyelids give her thoroughly 'modern miss' appeal!

Melanie Jayne from the UK

'Andy' is a stylish modern bear created in panda style. Fabulously bold, hand felted accessories, work beautifully with this cheeky faced chap. Melanie has created an instantly identifiable brand with her current range of needle felted work and instinctively understands how to apply colour to best advantage, but above all, how to create appealing teddy bears with a modern twist!

Zhanna Rassi from The Lebanon

Zhanna has been creating wonderful fantasy characters of late and 'Orin the Faery' is one such fine fellow.  A beautifully detailed presentation, full of whimsical personality, deftly bears our humble teddy through the magical lands of Zhanna's colourful imagination ... a truly original teddy bear!

Irina Kunakh from Russia

Irina has accomplished the art of embodying a charming sense of nostalgia within her work, whilst creating highly unique teddy bears.  She has used beautiful, subtle colour choices and vintage style cotton prints, to create 'Alyosha', an enchanting friendship pair.

Nadia Gaynutdinova from The Ukraine

'Teddy Zaюshka', is an utterly endearing red rabbit, skilfully created from authentic vintage fabric bearing the hallmarks of time.  This design has a wonderful simplicity which evokes memories of childhood and cosy bedtime stories ... beautiful!

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