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Kim Russell creator of Russell Bears

A word from Kim Russell
Creator of 
Bearcrafter since 2003


Kim and 'Buster'

My name is Kim Russell, I am the creator behind Russell Bears.Russell Bears has been in existence since 2003, but I have been sewing, sculpting and sketching from childhood, attempting my first teddy bears as a teenager.


I work part time from my home studio and love to create OOAK pieces with individual characters from mohair and alpaca. I prefer to use the traditional method of jointing, but they are far from traditional teddy bears as I enjoy using different techniques such as needle felting, scissor and needle sculpting. 


 I love to experiment with colour and patterns and am hoping to produce some new designs this year, lots of ideas floating around in my head, just need some time to make them a reality.


In this time I have been honoured to achieve a number of TOBY Industry Choice Awards, a Golden Teddy Award and nominations, URSA awards, various Australian awards and my most recent an Excellence in Bear Artistry Award.

'Miss Lillie'

The Guild of Master Bearcrafters is a wonderful place where we can all come together to share the same interests in the bear industry...for me, it is professional, educational, social and most importantly, inspirational!


If you would like to find out more about Kim's work, please visit her blog:

 Kim's website can be found at:


  1. So nice to hear about little about Kim and her amazing work!


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