Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Make do and mend ...

During the war years, when mohair was in short supply, a 'make do and mend' ethic help ensure the survival of our precious teddy bears.  While toy manufacturers redesigned patterns, sourcing alternative materials to continue production on an industrial scale, charming homespun teddies were created created from almost any type of cloth nearing the end of functional life ... woollen blankets, home made quilts, curtains, table coverings and cushion covers became the new fabrics for creative teddy bear design!

The Guild proudly continues the 'make do and mend' ethic today.  
The bears featured below have been created in this spirit ...

'Once upon a time... there was a tablecover... I found it and then this teddy bear was made...'
Oxana Lyashenko from Canada.

'Levi Red' was created from my much loved Levi 'Red Tab' jeans.'
Paula Carter from the United Kingdom.

'This chap is made from Vintage Welsh wool blanket with vintage boot button eyes.'
Gill Cattroll from the United Kingdom.

'This little bear was made from century old couch cushion's covers. Upholstery fabric been washed and show off it's real golden color, what our grand parents been seeing.'
Natalia Oelofse from South Africa

'He has been created from bright gold crushed rayon old curtains. I dyed the fabric dark brown and from the rich, dark chocolate colour came the name Bournville.'
Elaine Hirst from the United Kingdom

'Melissa is made from scraps of upholstery material and vintage cotton material scraps.'
Carol Parsons from the USA

'Drako is made of vintage plush,  found as a skirt at my mom's home. His ears and paws are made of a tiny piece left from my granny's dress.'
Olga Miklashevska from the Ukraine

' I used a worn pair of my husband's Levi's jeans.'
Debora Hoffman from the USA

'Jesse is made from my husband's jeans and shirt special for Scrap Heap challenge. Jesse has his favorite toy - a shoe, made from the same fabric and clay. His nose is made from shirt's fabric and stuffed.'
Neringa Krankaliene from Lithuania

So the moral of this story is: before you throw out your old jeans, or faded curtains, think 'bear'!  Your tired fabrics could become a unique teddy,  woven with memories of yesteryear!


  1. What a lovely group of bears. You can make something lovable out of scraps.

  2. Beautiful bears... it really is nice to see them made from fabrics other than mohair.

  3. I like this group of bears. I also make them from Tapestry and upholstry fabrics that can be found in the remnants section of Joanns Fabrics. I also make Memory Bears from clothing of loved ones for family's when their people are no longer around those are the special ones for me.


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