Thursday, 16 May 2013

Thread Art Bears

Most of our Guild members are involved with mohair design in one form or another, but we are delighted to include bearcrafters who prefer to create in alternative ways; after all, a passion for teddy bears shouldn't be limited to a single type of fabric!  

Below are some fine examples from the Guild's talented 'Thread Art Bears' group ... enjoy!

'Pandy' by Joanne Noel from the USA

'Garden Bear' by Angela McGinn from Ireland

'Victoria' by Berta Hesen-Minten from The Netherlands

'Sgt. Brandon Jones' by Mary Robinson from the USA

'Tiny Clown Bear' by Christine Shearer' from the USA

'Tangerine' by Samantha Lutterotti from Canada

'Rosalie' by Laurel Allen from the USA

'Bruce' by Jess McCaughey from Australia

'Amigurumi Creations' by Susan Mitchell from Australia

'Mason & his Friend' by Marion Fraile from the USA

'Klara & Kira' by Le Gry from the USA

'Toot Sweet' by Cynthia Stickler from the USA

Just like their mohair counterparts, 'Thread Art' bears are designed and created in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles. Our 'Thread Art' bearcrafters are a gentle group, quietly knitting and crocheting teddy bear designs in fine threads and yarns.  Their work is skilful, creative and above all, completely enchanting!  

We hope you have enjoyed this introduction to our 'Thread Art' bearcrafters' group.

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