Friday, 14 June 2013

Focus on Faces

The face of a teddy bear is without doubt, the most critical element of bear crafting. It has to bring the bear to life, give him a soul ... and of course, make someone special fall in love!

Created by Iryna Trushkovska from the Ukraine

Created by Gregory Gyllenship from the United Kingdom

Created by Michelle Lamb from the USA

Created by Paula Carter from the United Kingdom

Created by Zhanna Rassi from the Lebanon

Teddy bear faces are created in many guises - there are happy bears, sad bears, thoughtful bears, silly bears,  ... each bear's expression is unique to its creator.  Bearcrafters employ a wide range of technical skills, ranging from traditional to contemporary.  Our Guild Bearcrafters are driven in their desire to bring to life the 'perfect' face!

This week we invite you to enjoy our 'Focus on Faces' slideshow presentation on the Guild members' website.  We have an incredible range of talent displayed ... please come and see it before Friday 21st June 2013!

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