Monday, 29 July 2013

Special Showcase - July

At the end of each month, the Guild hosts a 'Special Showcase' featuring notable new creations.  Despite it being holiday season in many countries, July still introduced many original bear designs to the Guild ... here is a special handful, carefully selected especially for you!

'Pedro' by Irma Papeikaite

'Annabella' by Linda Chiasson

'Equinox - Jour et Nuit' by Katherine Hallam

'Little Rose' by Mireille Begijn

'Sophia' by Denise Casey

If you would like to see July's full 'Special Showcase', please visit the Guild website before Friday 2nd August 2013, thank you!

Five Featured Artists

Another fabulous five of our 2013 featured Guild artists' creations, presented especially for your enjoyment!  

These beautiful teddy bears set an artistic standard of excellence, to inspire bearcrafters around the world.

'Keaton' by Michelle Lamb 

'Piet' by Silke Borrmann 

'Charlotte' by Svetlana Chern 

'Remi and his puppet' by Tami Eveslage

'Eden' by Victoria Allum
United Kingdom

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Going for Gold!

This week we celebrate GOLD, the most traditional of all teddy bear colour and still a popular choice with many Guild Bearcrafters ... 

We hope you will agree, gold remains a perfect colour choice for stylish, classy, winning bears, all around the world!

'Renwick' by Victoria Allum - UK

'Finlay' by Cheryl Hutchinson - USA

'Louisa' by Lyn Clapham - Australia

'Krishtian' by Natalia Tolstykina - Russia

'Richard' by Zhanna Rassi - Lebanon

By Renee Hutmacher - Germany

To enjoy our complete 'Going for Gold' slideshow, please visit our Guild website before Friday 26th July 2013!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Irina Kunakh creator of Teddy & K

A word from Irina Kunakh
Creator of
'Teddy & K'
Bearcrafter since 2008


Irina Kunakh

I was born and raised in hot sunny Uzbekistan, a the country of bright colors, noisy markets and happy people. For as long as I can remember I've been creating something ... floristics, colored rice panels, macrame, knitting, tatting, cross stitching, toy and clothes making - these are just some of my childhood hobbies.

'Green and Sunny'

As surprising as it is, I found out about teddy bears only in January 2008. That's when I made my first bear using internet-found masterclass and it took over my mind so much that I can't imagine living without it anymore.


Poems, fairytales, beautiful music, childhood memories plus sleepless nights - and there we have a clay model of our future bear. You just have to bring him to life now!


I use different materials for my creations. Mohair, alpaca, cotton, viscose, plush - I take anything I like visually and what is nice to the touch, anything that awakens my imagination and makes my heart beat faster.


It's hard for me to define the style of my work just because I am interested in trying absolutely anything ... and so I do try!  I make classic bears, contemporary ones, strange ones and realistic bears, weirdos and romantic teddies, babies and adults.  Looking at them makes me smile and feel happy. They help me go back to my bright and carefree childhood for a while. This is what really unites them for me. I guess that is "my style" :)


Unfortunately Siberia, where I now reside, is very far from "Teddy-life" centers and I don't get to meet other artists "off-line" too often. But internet connects people!  Despite language barriers, I find more and more friends from all over the world. The Guild of Master Bearcrafters is one of those great places that unite us, it gives us opportunity to communicate and share our experience and achievements with like-minded people from all over the world!


If you would like to find out more about Irina's work please visit her website: 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Here Comes Summer!

The sun is out, flowers are in bloom ... yes, at last Summer has arrived on the Guild!

'Little Rose' by Mireille Begijn from Belgium

'Willowbee' by Beth Hutchison from the USA

'Hatty, Nu & Bobby' by Gill Cattroll from the UK

'Clover' by Paula Carter from the UK

'Peach Blossom' by Sarah Medina from Australia

'Flower Girls' by Ina Smirnova from Lithuania

'Rain' by Kay Cooper from Australia

As you can see, our members love a seasonal theme and Summer inspires some of the cheeriest bears!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Agnès Chauvet creator of Les Ours de l'Autize

A word from Agnès Chauvet
Creator of
Bearcrafter since 2008


Agnès Chauvet

Sixteen years ago, I didn’t know that watching a documentary about English artist bears would change my life!  This was the beginning of my own passion for teddy bears, as an artist bear maker and a collector.  I tried to make one too, but after many and many tries, I did not have the result I wanted. 

'Hudson & James'

Several years ago, after a visit at a teddy bear shop, I just said to myself  “If I try again… why not?”  So, after many months of design and testing, in March 2008, my first two little bears were born, but they were not really what I had in my mind.  So back to work Agnès!  In August 2009, hurrah!  'Golden Boy', 'Chocolate' and 'Bernard' were born.


Since then, the design of my teddies has evolved. They have grown up!  My bears are one-of-a-kind teddies, in mohair or alpaca.  They eat lots of honey and have a little round bellies (little is not the right word...LOL...!)  This is where their paws rest for a good nap!  Their ears are pointed at the top at their heads, giving them, as the mohair used, a cheeky little character looking wondering, or surprised. I always take care about their face and the look they have.  Their faces often look pensive or questioning, with a soft smile full of tenderness.


Last year, I designed new slumpy teddies with sculpted paws, soft bodies and arms like Jasper.  I also worked on designs with soft bodies for classic teddies and I really like these teddies, as they have more natural movement. This suits very well to my old teddies style and natural bears style too. The mohair inspires me and gives me the idea of which design I must use, but sometimes, I have a special teddy in my mind and I am looking for his special mohair for ages!


Right now, I am working on new collections, with slightly longer noses and I am also working on a new design of baby bears with big soft bodies, short arms and legs and more rounded heads. In exclusivity for the Guild, the name of this collection : Les Babiz de l’Autize!


It’s a great honor for me to be a member of The Guild of Master Bearcrafters!  I really appreciate all the topics on this site. It’s a great place to discuss bear making, also to find advice about teddy bear business and to discover the work of International artists, all in one website. Each one can bring and share his experience as artist bear maker and it’s a great opportunity to learn about experienced artists or designers.  “A non-elitist guild dedicated to the art and promotion of bearcraft”: it’s absolutely true! Each one can find his place at The Guild!

'Dundee' came 2nd in the British Bear Artist Awards in 2011!

If you would like to find out more about Agnès' work, please visit her blog: 

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