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Irina Kunakh creator of Teddy & K

A word from Irina Kunakh
Creator of
'Teddy & K'
Bearcrafter since 2008


Irina Kunakh

I was born and raised in hot sunny Uzbekistan, a the country of bright colors, noisy markets and happy people. For as long as I can remember I've been creating something ... floristics, colored rice panels, macrame, knitting, tatting, cross stitching, toy and clothes making - these are just some of my childhood hobbies.

'Green and Sunny'

As surprising as it is, I found out about teddy bears only in January 2008. That's when I made my first bear using internet-found masterclass and it took over my mind so much that I can't imagine living without it anymore.


Poems, fairytales, beautiful music, childhood memories plus sleepless nights - and there we have a clay model of our future bear. You just have to bring him to life now!


I use different materials for my creations. Mohair, alpaca, cotton, viscose, plush - I take anything I like visually and what is nice to the touch, anything that awakens my imagination and makes my heart beat faster.


It's hard for me to define the style of my work just because I am interested in trying absolutely anything ... and so I do try!  I make classic bears, contemporary ones, strange ones and realistic bears, weirdos and romantic teddies, babies and adults.  Looking at them makes me smile and feel happy. They help me go back to my bright and carefree childhood for a while. This is what really unites them for me. I guess that is "my style" :)


Unfortunately Siberia, where I now reside, is very far from "Teddy-life" centers and I don't get to meet other artists "off-line" too often. But internet connects people!  Despite language barriers, I find more and more friends from all over the world. The Guild of Master Bearcrafters is one of those great places that unite us, it gives us opportunity to communicate and share our experience and achievements with like-minded people from all over the world!


If you would like to find out more about Irina's work please visit her website: 


  1. Irina, I love your work so much. You are the inspiration now.

  2. It is great to read more about you, Irina! I love your creations. :o)

  3. Your bears and critters are so great... I love them all!



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