Saturday, 31 August 2013

Around the world in four seasons

Throughout the year, our Guild Challenge Group hosts a variety of fun challenges, themed to help inspire members' creativity ... 

Our most recent challenge is titled 'Around the world in four seasons' and has challenged members to represent their country's current season in teddy bear (or animal) form.

Denise Casey represents the USA's summer season with 'Sophia', a delicious strawberry bear with needle felted face and finely detailed felted accessories. A wonderful taste of the blooming strawberry fields where Denise lives!

Gill Cattroll represented a typical English summer with her multi coloured bear 'Dover', created using dainty floral cotton print to contrast beautifully with a freshpretty pastel palette.

Natalia Oelofse represents her South African Springtime with this adorable little owlet 'Sava', preparing for his first flight!

Paula Carter represents her English Summer with a pretty rose pink bear called 'Dainty Bess', named after a lovely old fashioned English shrub rose.

Becky Chase recalls childhood summers in the USA playing outdoors late into the evening, whilst watching fireflies under a starlit sky. Her midnight black bear 'Stella' wears a red white and blue star strewn necklace to celebrate Independence Day, capturing another of Becky's favourite US summer memories.

Claire Ryan represents a fun English Summer bursting with vibrant blooms in the form of this wonderfully unorthodox and very cheerful rabbit!

Kay Cooper represents Summer in Western Australia with her beautifully coutured 'Emily Rose, dressed to impress in fabulous blue hat and pretty sky blue dress, contrasted with feminine rose print.

Oxana Lyashenko's adorable little 'Sunshine' bear represents this year's wonderfully sunny Summer time in both Moscow and Canada perfectly.  A sweet-faced, golden traditional teddy bear, wearing sweet little dungarees to explore the great outdoors!

Congratulations to all who participated in this lovely challenge!

Monday, 19 August 2013


Congratulations to our long list of 2013 URSA Award successes!
These fabulous Guild Bearcrafters have been voted into the final of this international bear competition by the collecting public ...

 Martha Burch: Time Saver
Ron & Kristy Northman: Sakari
Ron & Kristy Northman: Davey & Crockett
Brenda Parker: Nicholas
Brenda Parker: Rudy
Joanne Livingston: Rosa
Joanne Livingston: A teddy for bear
Cheryl Hutchinson: Isadora
Judi Paul: India

Natalia Petelina: Bell

Anna Tide: Joy
Anna Tide: Kirstin
Anna Tide: Foster
Silke Borrmann: Yuan

Francesca Boretti: Vladimire Igel
Francesca Boretti: Sally & Puck

Michelle Nunnery: Bastian
Carolyn Robbins: Peaches
Margaret Burke: Jia Li

Lynn Bowie: Biscotti

Lynette Kennedy: Boris

Chantal Giroux: Nori

Ina Smirnova: Lucian

Below are some of our members' award winning entries ...

'Sakari' by Ron & Kristy Northman USA

'Davey & Crockett by Ron & Kristy Northman USA

'A teddy for bear' by Joanne Livingston USA

'Rosa' by Joanne Livingston USA

'Isadora' by Cheryl Hutchinson USA

'Nicholas' by Brenda Parker USA

'Rudy' by Brenda Parker USA

by Margaret Burke AUSTRALIA

'Biscotti' by Lynn Bowie UNITED KINGDOM

'Bell' by Natalia Petelina UKRAINE

'Time Saver' by Martha Burch USA

To place your vote for the overall winners in the final of the 2013 URSA Awards please show your support by visiting the link below, thank you!

Friday, 2 August 2013

The important little things in life!

Crafting bears small enough to sit in your palm, requires finely honed skills.  Tiddly teds take every bit as long to make as bears five times their size and require nimble fingers, imagination and plenty of patience!  This week we celebrate 'The important little things in life' on the Guild with a brand new slideshow ... we hope you enjoy our selection of tiddly teds.

Jeremy is 8"
Created by Jenny Johnson UK

Emmeline is 3.52"
Created by Edie Barlishen USA

Goldberry is 5.34"
Created by  Esther Pepper AUSTRALIA

Frenk is 8"
Created by Irma Papeikaite  LITHUANIA

Mini bear is 1.5"
Created by Kimberley Hunt USA

Sandon is 3"
Created by Ruth Bowman UK

To see this entire slideshow, please visit our website before Friday 9th August 2013, thank you!

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