Friday, 2 August 2013

The important little things in life!

Crafting bears small enough to sit in your palm, requires finely honed skills.  Tiddly teds take every bit as long to make as bears five times their size and require nimble fingers, imagination and plenty of patience!  This week we celebrate 'The important little things in life' on the Guild with a brand new slideshow ... we hope you enjoy our selection of tiddly teds.

Jeremy is 8"
Created by Jenny Johnson UK

Emmeline is 3.52"
Created by Edie Barlishen USA

Goldberry is 5.34"
Created by  Esther Pepper AUSTRALIA

Frenk is 8"
Created by Irma Papeikaite  LITHUANIA

Mini bear is 1.5"
Created by Kimberley Hunt USA

Sandon is 3"
Created by Ruth Bowman UK

To see this entire slideshow, please visit our website before Friday 9th August 2013, thank you!

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