Thursday, 8 January 2015

We step boldly forward!

2014 brought forth inspiring new creations from the Master Bearcrafters, as all manner of traditional, vintage, contemporary and realistic teddy bears, alongside a fabulous range of animals and dolls made their way to the Guild!

As we enter 2015, our focus will be to safe-keep the artist designed teddy bear. As dedicated bearcrafters, we step boldly forward into the creative new year with commitment, determination and hopefully continued inspiration!

Tami Eveslage: USA

Katherine Hallam: United Kingdom

Irina Kunakh: Russia

Zhanna Rassi: Lebanon

Jenny Johnson: United Kingdom

Svetlana Chern: Russia

Nichole Encinas: USA
Gregory Gyllenship: United Kingdom

We hope you have enjoyed this 2014 retrospective of 'featured' members' work and look forward to sharing our members' 2015 creations!

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