Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Teddy Tidbit: The Traditional Teddy Bear by UK Guild Member Claire Ryan

For over one hundred years the teddy bear has been a symbol of comfort for both the young and young at heart.  Contemporary artists of traditional bears honour this heritage, whilst bringing to it their own inimitable style ...

‘Frasier’ by Gregory Gyllenship

‘George’ by Paula Carter

‘Fezziwig’ by Vicky Allum

‘Clarence’ by Paula Strethill-Smith

‘Harrison’ by Esther Pepper

‘Hornby’ by Dawn Jellis-Jones

Denberry Truffle
‘Denbury Truffle’ by Michelle Doig

It is a sign of the artist’s skill that they are able to take the simple elements of the traditional ted – glass eyes, an embroidered nose – and turn them into a teddy companion of heart-tugging soulfulness.

Our thanks to UK Guild Member Claire Ryan, for sharing this 'Teddy Tidbit'.

To see Claire's work visit:

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Paula Carter Creator of All Bear by Paula

A word from PAULA CARTER
creator of
Bearcrafter since 1995


Paula Carter

My bear making career evolved from a love of vintage English teddy bears since I was a little girl, particularly the wonderful Hugmee bears created by the Chiltern Hygenic Toy Company between 1908 and 1967.  I have a small collection of these dignified teddy bears and even now they never fail to inspire my creativity.

Some of my Chiltern Hugmee teddies:  C1930's to 50's

It hardly seems possible it has been twenty years since I designed my first teddy bear; the time has flown by!  Since then I have become immersed in the world of teddy bear artistry and am passionate about helping to steer our beloved teddy safely into his future.


It is never easy to describe one's own work, but if pushed to do so, I think I would say I tend to create in a fairly traditional vein.  Now and again I veer gently towards contemporary with my laughing bears, but mostly my bears hark back towards those gentle Chiltern Hugmee teddies, with their solid proportions and no nonsense charm.


For me, a teddy bear should spark a sense of nostalgia and security in his owner, he must be soulful, comforting and honest in his design. My creations honour the teddy bears of my childhood and are protective of his heritage.

Beau was a 2015 Excellence in Bear Artistry award winner

I have been fortunate enough to achieve a collection of international teddy bear crafting and design awards throughout the past two decades and have had my work published many times in specialist publications around the world.  It is of course, always lovely to receive such accolades, but the very best rewards are the smiles and kind words I receive from collectors when they adopt one of my bears ... those smiles are at the heart of my bear making.

A trio of my careworn style teds

As part of my commitment to the future of the teddy bear, I established 'The Guild of Master Bearcrafters' back in 2009.  At the time I had a vague concept of providing a forum which could unite teddy bear makers from around the world, but had no idea it would quickly grow to almost eight hundred international bear crafting members.  I am immensely proud of our members' dedication to creating bears of outstanding creativity and am certain that in their safe hands, the beloved teddy bear will be ensured of a long and happy future.

With hugs and smiles,
Paula xxx

To discover more about Paula's work, please visit her website and blog:

Monday, 2 March 2015

A great start to 2015!

As you can see, our Guild members have made a great start to 2015! We hope you enjoy this snapshot of their newest creations ...

Helen Clennel White: UK

Zhanna Rassi: Lebanon

Svetlana Chern: Ukraine

Vicky Lougher: USA

Elena Karmatskaya: Russia

Renee Hutmacher: Germany

Lyn Brimbin: Australia

The Guild membership extends around the globe and we are happy to report, fabulous teddy bears in all manner of innovative styles, are being creative far and wide in 2015!
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